About EEN Media Group

Our Story

EEN Media Group is a strategic, digital storytelling company in women concepts. We craft memorable experiences by connecting women to premium content, services and brands, both on- and offline.

EEN Media reaches millions of Dutch women between the ages of 14 and 49. Our outreach includes 70+ digital owned, managed / paid and social platforms, plus a variety of on- and offline concepts.

Via our network we offer discovery, inspiration and a place-of-purchase. To enable this we work as a multidisciplinary team, deploying our unique market-getting expertise. At EEN Media Group we do not only activate target audiences; our model amplifies a brand at scale.

How? EEN Media is about building valuable and long-lasting relationships, while incorporating ‘sales tactics’ that turn reach – into a brands’ return on investment.

As a data-driven-company we maintain close personal contact with the most engaging influencers, and connect them with fans through incredible stories. Through this collaboration, and by working with the best editorial teams, our in-house creative / technology studio Keplar Agency and influencer-network we guarantee: impact, reach and innovation in all our endeavours.

At EEN Media we open doors to tap into brand new worlds. Entertaining millions of woman, every day. Complete with brand fresh stories, articles, video’s, campaigns and events. And by doing so, we facilitate ‘women-targeting marketeers’ with the next generation of market-getting tactics – so brands can become a hero in a woman’s worlds.

We are EEN Media Group.


Consumer behavior is changing. The purchasing behavior of consumers becomes more selective due to the size and diversity of the current media supply. This way brands are looked at more critically. Where people used to be loyal to one brand, nowadays price, relevance, design, experience and availability are becoming increasingly important. Due to the strong rise of the internet in relation to other media, advertising is present everywhere all day. Our vision is based on this changing consumer behavior. We believe that a relevant and personal approach with added value makes the difference. Feeling and experience are central. We believe in the freedom of choice. In dialogues and in relevance.


We place our target audience – members at the center of everything we do, strive to be relevant at any time of the day and offer added value – both offline and online 

We strive to let brands, products and partners add value to our offer through various innovative propositions. EEN Media Group reaches over 3 million unique visitors per month online, and has over 500.000 registered members.


We believe in partnerships. Let everyone make optimal use of the various areas of expertise, deploy them and link all networks together. We add creative components to collaborations. We know women, and build our media around them, tailored to their needs. We help brands to become a hero in a woman’s world.

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